4 WAY-Square Ceiling Diffuser – Without Damper


  • Standard Material: Aluminum profile. Applicable for both supply and return air ducts.
  • Direction of discharge can be selected to meet the requirements of the room with 1 to 4 ways. Supply air can be oriented vertically by blades of 1,2,3,4 of directions.
  • Depending on architectural demands, it can be manufactured in a rectangular shape.
  • Used in places up to 4 meters height.
  • TWO models available: Z-Bladed Model (SCD-120) and Curvilinear Bladed Model (SCD-220).
  • On request, the damper can be added to control AIR FLOW.
  • Standard frame: 22mm or 32mm.
  • According to 40′, 60′, 75′, 90′ blade angles, maximum effect range is 1m to 20m.
  • Mounted with 4 mm screws on the frame. Optional: Clips or Plate-spring applications. 

  • Optional: Clip-in or Tile-cladding applications MAY BE MANUFACTURED UPON REQUEST.
  • Eloxal, anodizing or electrostatic powder coating with ANY color from RAL catalogue.

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150 x 150, 225 x 225, 300 x 300, 450 x 450