Acoustic Louvers


• Standard Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet. Optional: Aluminum or Stainless Steel.
• Used as supply and return louver on air duct systems to reduce noise level.
• Insulation layer is made from glass-wool with 50kg/m3 density, long-life material.
• In addition to this noise attenuation function, the louver provides keeping birds, large insects, rain, dust, etc. out.
• Two models available: Standard Model (ACL-163) and Twin-Sided Model (ACL-263).
• On request, wire screen can be added in the middle section to improve protection against external factors.
• Acoustic louvers are manufactured partially and assembled at working location.
• Mounted with 4mm screws, clips or plate-spring with appropriate quantity.
• Electrostatic powder coating (oven-drying) with the color from RAL catalogue.