Belnet Flushing Bottle with Cone 600ml


BELNET is a flammable, cleaning liquid specially formulated to flush the refrigeration lines.

BELNET removes all the residues of dust, grease and lubricants.

Thanks to its high capability of evaporation it does not leave any residue inside the refrigerant lines.

Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for the retrofit operations, for the pre-cleaning of the pre-assemblies, and for the washing of the pipes.

Before flushing, DISCONNECT the COMPRESSOR, THE EXPANSION VALVE and the DEHYDRATION FILTER: these components cannot be flushed.

For larger systems or automotive A/C systems it is recommended to flush by separating fractions of the piping.

Instructions: Inject BELNET in the plant or in the component to be flushed, by using a washing tank or other manual, electric or pneumatic tools.