Expansion Valve TN2 R134A


Thermal Expansion Valves (often abbreviated as TEV, TXV, or TX valve) are a component in refrigeration and air conditioning systems that control the amount of refrigerant that flows into the evaporator, controlling the superheating at the outlet. To do this correctly, the valve needs to be selected to match the BTU capacity of the system’s evaporator and compressor.

We offer products with conventional and specialized designs, that when applied to systems will showcase the high-quality of the products that are designed for our customer’s precise needs. These expansion valves optimize the management of HVAC systems with a special focus on energy conservation.


  • Maximum efficiency over a wide temperature and load range
  • Stainless Steel versions available
  • Improved refrigerant returns to the compressor, assuring better cooling while reducing the possibility of liquid slugging, which can destroy the compressor.